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Ravenna stands out as an ancient artistic city cherishing an incomparable cultural heritage.

All the year round, the streets of the city centre host parties, fun opportunities and amazing events. To spend a holiday in Ravenna gives tourists the possibility to appreciate the efficient tourist organization the city offers through modern hotels surrounded by nature, comfortable and well-equipped guesthouses situated in the city centre and provided with high-quality services and facilities and family-run inns featuring the traditional warm hospitality from Romagna.

The increasing number of students and young people flocking to the city has contributed to foster its thriving cultural life, which is now complemented by contemporary art trends and a remarkably wide array of absorbing music and artistic events which are able to catch the attention of increasing numbers of tourists. Glamorous clubs and historic buildings merge in pleasant harmony just in the heart of the old town, thus creating breathtaking urban sceneries.

Ravenna hosts not only monuments and small squares but also famous shopping districts and clubs which give guests the possibility to sip tasty cocktails or eat traditional local specialities. Not to be missed is the tasting of dishes based on frogs and eels.

Another popular attraction is Mirabilandia's funfair, situated a short distance from the city centre. There are also many street markets selling odd curiosities, as well as public gardens, parks and pinewood forests where it is possible to walk or relax after a tour across the main monuments of the city.
Not to be missed...

Antiques and crafts exhibitions, mosaic workshops and antiques shops situated in the old town, where it is possible to find mosaics or ceramics, collector's pieces and also modern design products.

A Tuesday evening at the Planetary of Ravenna, the observatory built in the Public Gardens of the city and provided with an optical instrument which projects the vault of heaven on a 8-metre-large dome. Educational meetings are held here every Tuesday.

A cycle excursion along the numerous cycle paths which cross the whole of the city flanking old towns, archaeological sites and outstanding naturalistic areas.

Contemporary culture, music events, film and theatre reviews, art exhibitions and cultural debates which allow for a combination between ancient and contemporary art.

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