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During the Middle Ages, the city of Bellaria - Igea Marina was a small fishing and peasant village. The fishing tradition still survives in this charming town which develops around the harbour, near the mouth of the river Uso. The lively seaside resort of Bellaria - Igea Marina is scattered with clubs serving traditional dishes and delicious fish specialities.

High-quality cooking is only one of the main attractions of this appreciated seaside resort. Tourists are attracted by entertainment activities, fun opportunities and high-quality services and facilities which make their stay in Bellaria - Igea Marina an unforgettable one.

A seven-kilometre-long beach, modern bathing establishments, discos and hotels give the charming seaside resort of Bellaria - Igea Marina the opportunity to suit the different requirements of both families, young people and groups looking for utmost fun, high-quality accommodation facilities, beguiling sea, green oases, quiet streets and thriving shops.

The international trade fairs and congresses organized by the nearby Rimini's Exhibition Centre attract business travellers even out of season, when hotels in Bellaria - Igea Marina offer reduced rates and clubs are less crowded and give them the opportunity to discover the city and its inhabitants.
Not to be missed...

Entertainment and fitness activities provided by more than 100 bathing establishments, with personal trainers, yoga massagers, shows and music.

A day on board a motorship to go fishing and taste the fresh fish cooked on board and served in open sea.

The excursions to the Malatesta castles situated in the Uso and Marecchia valleys.

The literary meetings at the Casa Rossa (Red House), which take place a short distance from the sea in the enchanting park of the villa of Alfredo Panzini, where it is possible to spend pleasant afternoons together with great writers.

Sports fishing in the lakes of the Valletta.

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Iat: Via L. da Vinci 2 - 47814 Bellaria (RN) Tel. 0541 343808 Fax 0541 345491 -

Municipality of Bellaria-Igea Marina - Councillorship for Tourism - Piazza del Popolo 1 - 47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN)
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Riviera Adriatica dell' Emilia Romagna - E-mail: - Privacy Policy P.Iva 01886791209

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