Wellbeing and Spas

Wellbeing and Spas

Wellbeing and Spas

To spend a holiday along the Adriatic Coast is an unforgettable opportunity to regenerate both body and mind and to enjoy wellbeing, relax and beauty.

Water, one of the most important resources of the Emilia Romagna region, contributes to improve both health and beauty in the Spa establishments situated along the Adriatic Coast.

The modern spa establishments situated in Cervia, Punta Marina Terme, Rimini and Riccione are surrounded by millenary parks or situated a short distance from the sea, while accommodation facilities are renowned for the high-quality services and the warm hospitality they provide.

The beneficial properties carried out by the thermal waters of the Adriatic Coast, along with the programmes arranged by beauty centres and spa establishments, contribute to make a thermal stay along the Adriatic Coast the best way to regenerate both body and mind.

The first therapeutic treatments based on sea water were carried out in the Spa establishment of Rimini and have been successful since 1876.

Another popular tourist mecca situated along the Adriatic Coast is the Spa establishment of Riccione, provided with 4 thermal springs, a skilled medical staff and state-of-the-art technologies which give guests the possibility to enjoy qualified beauty and thermal treatments.

The ancient pinewood forest of Cervia is a protected oasis people looking for the regenerating properties of thermal waters and mud baths can enjoy. The treatments and programmes arranged by the spa establishment of Cervia combine with the mild climate and the numerous fun opportunities the area offers and contribute to regenerate both body and mind.

The beneficial effects carried out by the thermal treatments offered by Punta Marina allowed the development of a modern spa establishment fed by a subterranean aquifer rich in magnesium. The spa establishment of Punta Marina Terme offers special packages and treatments eight months a year.

Click the spa establishment you are interested in to gain information about available treatments and opening periods in order to plan your thermal holiday along the Adriatic Coast of the Emilia Romagna region.

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