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Thermae Oasis
Nestled between the green Po Delta Park and the water in the Valli di Comacchio, an area of ancient Etruscan settlements, the "Thermae Oasis" evokes the charm of beautiful places outside of time.
Unspoilt nature, the green of the pinewood and salt air are beneficial ingredients that complete the environmental context of the "Thermae Oasis Spa & Beauty". The interior and exterior of the thermal complex represents a perfect balance between harmony and energy.
If the interior portrays a concert of furniture and decorations of Pompei that spread a feeling of psycho-physics serenity, the outdoor gardens, with their rocky background of ancient ruins awaken dormant energy and the desire for rebirth.
A return to traditional medicine and natural science, blends harmoniously with the most advanced concepts of "health" and wellness spa.

The philosophy of the "Thermae Oasis" covers the whole person, not just body and soul, but emotions and thoughts, involving all 5 senses.

Doctors and SPA-Therapists at "Thermae Oasis" lovingly take care of every guest by following the dictates of a philosophy of holistic treatments and therapies. This means hopping, in the variety of proposals, the path to healing or to well-being.
The Wellness Center "Thermae Oasis", the only spa in the province of Ferrara, has a legacy that was given to us by the the land itself: the thermal water, the apotheosis of total well-being as precious elixir of life, health, youth.

The philosophy of the "Thermae Oasis" traces the path of the ancient healing traditions, both in the application of more stringent treatment, both for beauty and relaxation treatments.

The element of water by the strong symbolic significance and incalculable beneficial properties and the environment inspired by the ancient Romans, rich of sounds and scents, make the "Thermae Oasis," a temple where the stress and inconveniences slip away naturally, just as the flowing water.

"Thermae Oasis" is a place where every person can aspire psycho-physical balance as a result of synergistic action of two factors; on the one hand satisfy their needs by taking the inner awareness of emotions and simultaneously benefit from the many virtues of water rich with minerals.

During each step of the way, both curative and well-being, qualified doctors and SPA-Therapists are present with discretion, competence and constant attention.

Opening period:
From April to October

How to get there:
Venice-Bologna motorway exit at Ferrara Sud and continue along the highway Ferrara-sea for about 65 km.
At the end of the freeway choose the direction to Venice on the SS 309 Romea.
Take this road for about 5 km., then turn right at Lido delle Nazioni.
Continue along the avenue until the traffic light and turn right.
At about 300 meters on the left is the entrance to the spa.
For further information:
Thermae Oasis
44020 Lido delle Nazioni (FE)
Tel. +39 0533 399706
Fax +39 0533 398182

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