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Holiday Marina di Ravenna
Situated just 8 kilometres far from Ravenna, Marina di Ravenna is an appreciated seaside resort of the Adriatic Coast which is able to attract large numbers of young tourists from all over the world. A remarkably wide array of trendy clubs, high-quality hotels and excellent accommodation facilities situated along the sea front, along with its well-kept city centre and equipped beach, make Marina di Ravenna the ideal holiday destination for large numbers of young people looking for exciting summer seaside holidays.

Its Canal Harbour is able to accommodate those travelling by sea, offering them high-quality services and facilities and targeted equipments for their boats. Every year, beaches, hotels and business activities conceive innovative high-quality services and facilities, as well as absorbing shows and events which are able to attract increasing numbers of enthusiast tourists.

Local beaches give tourists the possibility to spend pleasant days playing beach sports or tanning, while charming tree-lined avenues lead them to the famous shopping district of Marina di Ravenna, which is scattered with glamorous boutiques, sportswear shops, sports centres and trendy bars. The city centre also cherishes the best fish and meat restaurants, elegant and fine environments where it is possible to taste excellent local specialities both at lunch and dinner.

In the evening, the night life of Marina di Ravenna revolves around the beach, which always stages lively happy hours animated by the music played by the most famous disk jockeys of the Riviera. Every evening, Marina di Ravenna stages beach parties, theme evenings and concerts which turn the wide expanse of golden sand into a large open-air disco where it is possible to strike up new friendships and run wild till late at night.
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