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Lido di Spina, the southernmost Lido of Ferrara, is a renowned seaside resort surrounded by a lush vegetation and the beguiling waters of its sea and lagoon. Scattered with large and well-kept parks, tree-lined avenues and lush pinewood forests, Lido di Spina is a real natural paradise for the lovers of open-air activities.

In summer, Lido di Spina turns into a sort of an outdoor fitness centre; sport lovers on holiday here will have the opportunity to play a remarkably wide array of both water and beach sports and enjoy well-equipped parks and sports facilities.  Surrounded by elegant villas and comfortable hotels, well-equipped tennis courts and sports facilities give guests the possibility to take place in challenging sports tournaments.

The lovers of walks and cycle excursions will have the possibility to take part in interesting guided tours across the fascinating footpaths of the Park of the Po Delta, which features unspoiled natural settings and breathtaking views where the lovers of birdwatching will have the opportunity to admire rare species of birds.

Wide beaches and shallow waters attract large numbers of families with children who flock to comfortable hotels to spend pleasant summer holidays in Lido di Spina. Hotels and bathing establishments offer guests high-quality services and facilities, while giving them the opportunity to take advantage of special agreements and discounted pricese. They feature beach baby parks offering children plenty of targeted entertainment activities, as well as absorbing sporting events which are able to catch the attention of all bathers.

Not to be missed is the interesting Remo Brindisi Museum, which contains a charming collection of contemporary works of art. In the evening, trendy clubs, pubs and discos are the traditional gathering place for both local inhabitants and tourists who want to dance and run wild till late at night.
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