Sport and fitness - Water sports
Water sports

The Emilia Romagna region was the birthplace of many swimming champions and almost the whole population can swin. The main cities situated along the Adriatic Coast boast Olympic-size swimming pools where it is possible to train, as well as lively swimming leagues which operate courses and competitive swimming. Swimming courses are able to suit the different requirements of both children, pregnant women, elderly people, people who need rehabilitation and so on. There are also many outdoor swimming pools which attract tourists during summer. Some are provided with dizzy springboards to dive, others organize water gym courses to keep fit even on holiday.

It is an exciting sport which requires both physical strenght and mastery and which won over many inhabitants of the Adriatic Coast as evidenced by the numerous sailing and nautical clubs it hosts. Beyond welcoming boats and giving useful information, these clubs also organize different sailing courses for people who want to learn the main rudiments. The long sailing tradition of the Adriatic Coast resulted in the advent of many champions who achieved good results during the American Cup and other world competitions. The Italian tour starts from the Adriatic Coast and so the most exciting and appreciated boat races.
The Adriacoast portal offers the lovers of sailing a special section provided with information about nautical clubs, sailing associations and tourist harbours along the Adriatic Coast, as well as information and technical data concerning sailing and landing along the Coast of the Emilia Romagna region.
A very appreciated sport along the whole of the Riviera, it is particularly suitable to the shallow waters of the Adriatic Sea. During summer, many bathing establishments organize lessons under the supervision of windsurf trainers and provide special equipments to allow both beginners and tourists to enjoy this exciting sport. As they familiarize with this sport, they learn special techniques and get to know the required equipment. The way of sailing varies according to the weight and sizes of the sailboard.

Kite surfing
Born on the Hawaiian beaches, kite surfing has only recently landed along the Adriatic Coast and has already won over a wide range of enthusiasts. Kite surfing is carried out by replacing the traditional windsurf sail with a wide kite provided with 2 or 4 cables. Beyond providing a more powerful drawing, the kite draws athlets vertically allowing them to make spectacular acrobatics. In almost every sailing school along the Adriatic Coast it is possible to attend kite surfing courses and to hire the required equipment. One of the most appreciated kite surf centres along the Riviera is the Marano Sailing Club situated between Miramare and Riccione.

Canoeing, Kayak
Excursions by canoe or kayak are particulary recommended near the salt-pans of Cervia and along the quiet canals of the Park of the Po Delta. The Canoe Kayak Club in Cervia organizes courses and rent the required equipment and allows to make excursions around the salt-pans or along the beautiful itineraries situated inside the Natural Park.
Even sea canoeists are increasing and different centres situated both along the coast and on the beaches were founded to rent the required equipment. Canoeing requires physical strenght but the Adriatic sea is a calm sea and makes it possible to leave the crowded beaches and enjoy peace and tranquillity in the offing.

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