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Beach sports

Beach volley
So large is the number of beach volley lovers that every bathing establishment along the Adriatic Coast boasts a well-equipped beach volley court where it is possible to play both amateur matches and professional tournaments. Imported from the American beaches in the 80s, beach volley has become an Olympic sport since 1996. The beach volley World Championship Series is the world circuit which includes competitions taking place all over the world. The Emilia Romagna region hosts many summer tournaments and the beaches of Cesenatico and Bellaria Igea Marina are among the most involved.
Rules: teams consist of 2 players each (Olympic sport); they may also consist of 3 or 4 players.
The court is smaller than the regular volleyball court (8m x 16m instead of 9m x 18m).

Beach soccer
Beach soccer is a recent passion which has won over many enthusiasts over the last ten years. During summer, it is possible to attend amateur tournaments which involve both local inhabitants and foreign tourists. The Cervia Beach Soccer is the Beach Soccer League which achieved good results during the national Serie A championship. Since 2007, Cervia has organized a summer school and a summer beach soccer tournament dedicated to both children and adults.
Rules: rules are the same as for five-a-side football; teams consist of 5 players each and substitutions are free. The pitch measures 37m x 28m and goals measure 5,5m x 2,2m. The game occurs in 312-minute-long halves.

Beach tennis
This sport originated from the ancient tamburello game which has been renowned since the 20s. The first beach tennis tournaments took place on the beaches of Ravenna in 1978. Today beach tennis is one of the most appreciated sports along the coast of Ravenna and Ferrara and it is very popular on the beaches of Rimini and Riccione too. The Adriatic Coast hosts about 50% of the Italian courts and beach tennis is spreading all over Europe.
Rules: The sand court measures 16m x 8m for doubles and 16m x 5m for singles. The height of the net is 1,70m. Rackets are built through light materials like fibreglass, carbon or kevlar and they have a smooth surface; small holes are allowed in order to reduce their weight.
Beach Handball
It consitutes a different version of handball played on the beach and it is very appreciated in the Adriatic Coast. Beach handball was born in Italy in the 90s and since then this sport has won over many foreign visitors who appreciated it during their summer holidays along the Riviera Romagnola. The beaches of Misano Adriatico and of its neighbourhoods host exciting professional matches and the whole of the Riviera is the seat of several amateur tournaments.
Rules: teams consist of four players (goalkeeper included) and four substitutes; the match is divided into 2 10 minute-long sets. The ball can be hit with the hands only and the aim is to score goals. It is a spectacular game; even the goalkeeper can attack and his goals are worth double. Volley shots are worth double and volley shots by the goalkeeper are worth triple.

The Paganello, the World Cup of Beach Ultimate which takes place at Easter in Rimini and attracts all the world champions of this sport, is a twenty-year old tradition. It is an appreciated event since this five-day long competition anticipates the funny holidays to be spent along the Riviera during summer, with young people, parties, music, visitors from all over the world, shows and above all sport: the acrobatics of skilled sportsmen and the strong emotions only sport can give. Rules vary according to the different sports; freestyle frisbee is the most spectacular one.

Known to be an absorbing sport since ancient times, the game of boules is one of the first games which appeared on the Italian bathing establishments. Outside the beach, this sport is carried out through both men's and women's world tournaments and Italian teams and athlets achieved good results and won several gold metals.
On the beaches of the Adriatic Coast the game of boules attracts every age group, from children to elderly people. When the competition is particularly exciting, around the boules rinks both supporters and curious people gather and tourists mingle with local inhabitants. Since several versions of boules exist, it is not easy to summarize their rules; the most common version provides for a competition between two matches having two players each; the aim is to throw boules near the jack.

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